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Mutual Fund

When money from various investors is pooled together to be invested in company shares, bonds or stocks, a mutual fund is formed. A mutual fund is then managed to earn the highest possible returns by a professional fund manager.

A small fee is charged in return for managing the money by the mutual fund. The decision of investing in any mutual fund scheme is crucial and one must base this on the financial goal that they wish to achieve.

All mutual funds are registered with SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) which ensures a safe and secure mode of investment.

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Mutual Funds are the most lucrative plan of investment with a vast number of schemes to invest in and in a very simple and easy form of investment. One can start investing in mutual funds with as low as Rs 500/- and enjoy benefits with great returns. Mutual funds are considered to offer unexpected returns at times, as high as 70% when invested for a long term.

The key benefits of investing in mutual funds are as follows:

  • Expert Money Management : The money pooled in a mutual fund scheme are managed by experts at all times ensuring superior risk mitigated returns for the pool. The fund manager's job to decide which company shares, bonds or stocks to invest the pooled money into or to hold the capital.
  • Low-Cost Investment : A mutual fund is an option for all types of investors. Small investors with limited investment capacities may start investing with as low as just Rs 500/- per month and wealthy investors who have a large big money with them may choose to invest a lump sum and seek benefits as well as high returns.
  • Liquidity : one of the main benefits, is the fact that mutual funds are completely liquid. You can withdraw your invested money any time you want.
  • Systematic Investment Plan : SIPs are for the investors who do not wish to make a one-time investment. Through the schemes in SIP, an investor can make small and manageable investments as installments every month.
  • Flexibility to Switch Funds : Switching funds is may be done by fund managers or by a knowledgeable investor. This is done to keep up with the market conditions ensuring that the investment does not suffer during the market's volatility
  • Tax-Efficiency : Mutual funds are the investment method that ensures tax-saving at the most. Several, mutual fund schemes have proven to be very tax-efficient and have generated superior returns compared to traditional investments. Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) is a tax-planning mutual fund scheme that has a lock-in period of 3 years. However, it may be noted that the returns on mutual funds are usually, directly proportional to the holding period of the investment.
  • Diversification and Goal-Based Investment : In order to manage risk, mutual funds invest in various assets, shares, bonds, and different company sizes. So, this way when one underperforms, the other may gain to compensate for the loss. The optimum number of entities to invest in is 5 as then it might become complicated to monitor the funds. The investment may also be goal-based.
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